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Firm THORMA SLOVAKIA Ltd. Šávoľská cesta 1, 986 01 Fiľakovo offers for sale an own Recreation Centre Hotel Royal ( three stars hotel*** and Bungallow Park* ), located on Látky Prašivá 4 in the heart of Slovakia in the largest mountain in the center of Podpoľanie Region. Hotel ROYAL is located in ... beautiful surroundings "Veporské" Hills at an altitude of 950 m. The whole area is situated in Detva district close to the road between Hriňová and Kokava nad Rimavicou. This Recreation Centre consists from: 1. Three stars hotel*** : with 37 two-bedded tastefully furnished guestrooms and two luxury apartments ( TV, Wi-Fi and wired Internet, telephone, radio, minibar, bath, hair dryer, safe ). Its total capacity is 88 beds. The restaurant has a capacity of 100 seats and two snack-bars. There are two conference rooms with 150 persons capacity is at disposal for meetings and events. Wellness: Swimming Pool, Massage, Hydromassage, Finnish Sauna and Fitness, free Wi-Fi in whole Hotel, Table Football and Table Tennis, rent of bicycles and for our youngest guests there is Children Playground. The Surrounding area of Hotel ROYAL offers a wide Scope for Hiking and Mushrooms-picking. 2. Bungallow Park* : Fifteen – 6-8 bedded - Bungalows ( TV,WC, Shower and kitchen ) for accomodation. 3. Ski Centre: By the hotel there is artificial snow-covered ski slope ( 1 km length ) and three ski lifts ( 700 m, 350 m length and one for kids 100 m ) with a capacity of 1050 persons per hour. 4. Multifunctional Sport Field: mini Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, and in Winter Ice Skating 5. Own Trafostation for electricity supplying. 6. Own Land of 7,6 hectares. 2373 m2 built parts. 7. Own water well.

Цена:1 200 000 €


Номер объявления:720035

Податель объявления:
Ahmad Ali
+421 907673320
Телефон 2:
+421 474384232
+420 420

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